Somalia: Wounded have difficulty reaching medical facilities

Wounded individuals in Somalia are having extreme difficulties getting to medical facilities due to the fighting that continues in the Middle Juba Region. During the last round of fighting more than 100 individuals, many of them civilians, were able to get to facilities according to the intertnational organizations in Somalia.

Michael Durant’s helicopter over Mogadishu. Mike Goodale rode on this one.


Helicopter heading out over Mogadishu

“Unfortunately, not all that need care are able to get to the proper facilities” says UNHCO-Director of African Affairs, H.E. Mr. Abdallah Djoudi. There are a limited number of clinics available and it is dangerous and difficult to leave the home for fear of being caught in the middle of the fighting on the way to a clinic.

Djoudi has also stated that the Somali hospitals often have too many patients to care for already. The patient load is heavy, staff is short and both clinics and hospitals don’t always have enough materials to properly treat the wounded.

The UNHCO and others sent much needed supplies to Afmadow, Dhobley and Kismayo where Somali militants were battling Kenyan soldiers. The Kenyans crossed into Somalia on October 16th after several foreigners were kidnapped from Kenyan territory. Their presence is making the situation on Somalia even more complicated than it already is. The Somali troops have already been fighting for many years and civilians are feeling the majority of the negative effects of it.

Bandits and armed groups are both dangerous for civilians and, if the fighting fails to cease, Djoudi says that international organizations will not be able to operate freely like they need to.

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