UNHCO Secretary-General

As Secretary-General of UNHCO, it is both a special honor and a joy to welcome everyone to our organization’s Internet presence. UNHCO is a global supporter in emerging nations and developing countries of projects whose objective is to improve those countries’ medical infrastructure. This goes hand in hand with enlightening young people about subjects like AIDS and educating and training young people in emerging nations – with the latter focusing on efforts to reduce poverty.

Every nation in the world faces this challenge today. By dint of close co-operation, UNHCO facilitates a mutual exchange of knowledge, experience and technologies.

Our stated objectives, however, are also focused on increasing the amount of hospital beds in developing countries worldwide and training medical specialists as well as skilled medical aides. A focused and successful setting-up of such infrastructures has to begin with young people so as to inseminate in them a willingness to deal openly with health hazards and facilitate the advancement of medical locations. In doing so, UNHCO is in permanent contact with numerous relief projects in developing nations as well as governmental organizations, so as to ensure efficient support.

Beyond these specific objectives and agendas, though, it is my hope that the work of UNHCO will act as a catalyst for a new, global commitment to sustainable medical development, particularly on the part of the world’s first world countries. In the name of UNHCO I wish to express my gratitude to our numerous sponsors, voluntary workers as well as supporting countries, organizations and other institutions.

H.E. Mr. Hamit Manar
Secretary-General of the UNHCO

Hamit Manar is the Secretary-General of UNHCO, selected and appointed on September, 9 2011.

Secreatry-General with Minister Maria Espinosa of the Republic of Ecuador