Mission Statement

UNHCO is an international organization committed to global development of medical care as well as preventive health care for nations. UNHCO is an  intergovernmental organization (IGO) committed to the objective of combating problems arising from lack of or poor medical care, as well as from the population explosion, by dint of a broad range of activities. UNHCO supports projects worldwide to provide people in third world countries with clean water, sanitary facilities, education, sufficient food and satisfactory medical care.


Each and every day more than 30,000 children, ten million a year, die of diseases that might have been avoided or cured. Diarrhea, acute respiratory diseases, measles and malaria constitute the main reasons for the death of many children under five years of age. The situation is worst of all in southern Africa according to the most up-to-date research. Although progress exists, it remains uneven globally. In Asia, the greatest achievements have come about. In contrast, about half the population in sub-Saharan Africa still lives in extreme poverty.

Huge epidemics, like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, overextend health care systems and exacerbate existing problems. The Western pharmaceutical industry continues to insist on patent protection in the most impoverished countries of the world. Fatal for sick people. They cannot afford expensive drugs. UNHCO provides assistance in the struggle against AIDS and tries to facilitate access to proper medicine for poor families.