Math Projects for Grade School

As UNHCO was browsing in Pinterest, UNHCO came across a collection of interesting math projects and displays.  Teachers can assign these projects as culminating activity for each major lesson.  Teachers can also find this useful in decorating their bulletin boards.  Math enthusiasts can also work on these projects to further enhance their mathematical knowledge.

Math Projects

When studying sets in grade school, semester final grade calculator is an important tool in organizing solutions when it comes to set operations. Did you know that it has a very practical application that could possibly save lives? Have you ever wondered how to understand the different human blood types? Study the Venn diagram below and analyze what it means.

1.  Working 4 the Classroom

Gpahub.net offers tons of ideas on how to use foldables in math and how to decorate Math bulletin boards.  Click the image below to visit the blog.

2.  Figure Me Out.

Getting know activity using the numbers that are significant to your students’ life.  Click the image below to go to the blog for other examples.

3.  Paper Sculptures

Make interesting figures using only paper, scissors, and glue.  Click the image below to learn how to form paper sculptures such as this.

Problem Solving Strategies

1. Guess and test.

2. Draw a picture.

3. Use a variable.

4. Look for a pattern.

5. Make a list.

6. Solve a simpler problem.

7. Draw a diagram.

8. Use direct reasoning.

9. Use indirect reasoning.

10. Use properties of numbers.

11. Solve an equivalent problem.

12. Work backward.

13. Use cases.

14. Solve an equation.

15. Look for a formula.

16. Do a simulation.

17. Use a model.

18. Use dimensional analysis.

19. Identify subgoals.

20. Use coordinates.

21. Use symmetry.

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