Part of UNHCO’s work is combating HIV/AIDS. We know that 70 percent of the 40 million persons in the world infected with HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa. 60 percent of all infected persons in Africa are women. UNHCO is committed to improving health conditions in Africa, and the Organization helps people to protect themselves from infection by HIV/AIDS through projects in awareness-training and education. Through its relief project, the organization tries to make the world realize that not only 25 million people have already died of this disease but that each year another 4 million become infected by it.

Funds available for the population of third world countries for medical care are inadequate. Supporting the development of a medical care system naturally encompasses preventative actions plus access to tests and effective treatment. UNHCO tries to relieve the suffering of those infected with HIV and facilitate proper medical care for AIDS patients by increasing the number of hospital beds in developing countries worldwide and training medical specialists and skilled medical staff.

AIDS to this day has not been able to be fought off in any sustainable way in spite of initial successes and considerable efforts made by the international community. On the contrary, AIDS has been spreading ever more rapidly. There were 36 million people who were infected with HIV in 2000. 2011, there are about 40 million. Global efforts therefore have to be expanded and coordination must be improved.