Health action in crisis

UNHCO is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action in crises to protect the most vulnerable. The agency opens hospitals worldwide, operated and managed by UNHCO. These hospitals provide medical aid to thousands of people around the world and bring enormous relief for the population in developing countries by providing health services.

The worst drought in 60 years is currently for example putting over 10 million people in Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya at risk of severe shortages of food and water. The UNHCO has officially declared a famine in two parts of Somalia, and the crisis is feared to be spreading quickly.The drought crisis in the region has been growing increasingly worse for months. Many of the population are herders whose livestock are wasting away and dying in large numbers. Many people are on the move, walking hundreds of miles in a desperate search for food and water. It is not uncommon for families to lose loved ones to malnutrition and disease along the way.

UNHCO helps governments and communities prepare for crises and disasters. The organization is committed to saving lives and tries to reduce suffering in emerging nations. In order to support people UNHCO is bulding strong partnerships for emergency management.