UNHCO delegation visits the Republic of Croatia

The president and speaker of the Croatian parliament recently welcomed the delegation of the UNHCO and a delegation of the Croatian Dental Association in Zagreb.

UNHCO delegation visits the Republic of CroatiaThe president and speaker of the Croatian parliament, Luka Bebic, welcomed a delegation of the Croatian Dental Association and the association’s president, Dr. Hrvoje Pezo, as well as a delegation of the UNHCO headed by H.E. Special-Ambassador Roland Schaefer.

The delegation visited the Republic of Croatia to discuss legislation changes in the field of medical care, particularly with regard to the procedure of the accession of Croatia to the European Union as well as to discuss problems related to the status of the endeavor to grant an adequate medical care and efficient dental health care.

H.E. Special-Ambassador Roland Schaefer pointed out that UNHCO, has made honest efforts making available the UNHCO-network to Croatia for professional education and continuing education as well as the specialization of doctors and medical staff in order to keep up with the international health care standards.

In a statement H.E. Special-Ambassador Schaefer said: „Our meeting with the president was an immense breakthrough in order to strengthen this relationsship and to gain a deeper insight into the Croatian healthcare system.”

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