The principal organs of the UNHCO are the Assembly, the Council and the Secretariat. The Assembly is the supreme governing body which oversees all the activities of the organization. The Assembly formulates UNHCO policy, defines objectives and strategy and approves the budget. The Council is composed of member states; they are elected for 5-year terms.

The representatives of its member states meet at the UNHCO-Conference. The Conference elects a Secretary-General to an eight year term of office. The current Secretary-General of UNHCO is H.E. Mr. Hamit Manar. The Organization is headed by the Secretary-General.

People from more than 150 countries work for UNHCO – in five regional missions and at the headquarters in New York, United States of America. The UNHCO staff includes medical doctors, public health specialists, scientists and experts.

UNHCO supports projects worldwide to provide people in third world countries with clean water, sanitary facilities, sufficient food and satisfactory medical care. In addition to that UNHCO is committed to the objective of combating infectious diseases in emerging nations like HIV, Malaria or Dengue. UNHCO joined a global Strategy. This was the birth of the “Health for All” movement. Resources for health should be evenly distributed, and essential health care should be accessible to everyone.